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Default Re: Parameters saved in window preset

Originally Posted by ChrisP View Post
Hi Mike,

On my system the following parameters are not saved with a window preset:

a) brightness & contrast / power threshold (or possibly just the latter values)
b) auto page advance delay

Can these be included in window preset in Raven 2 please?

Hi Chris,

I don't seem to be able reproduce your observations that spectrogram brightness and contrast are not saved in a window preset. Would you be willing to share your Raven version (top 2 lines in the upper left of the "Help > About Raven" dialog), as well as your operating system version and a copy of your "RavenPreferences.txt"?

I'm not sure what you mean by "power threshold". Would you be willing to send a more detailed description of what control you are manipulating, how you are manipulating it, and why you think it isn't being saved?

At present you can control the default auto page advance delay in "RavenPreferences.txt":


Other paging parameter defaults can also be set there:




I will talk to the Raven developers about your idea of including the paging parameters in the window preset. I know they have interest in moving at least some of the "RavenPreferences.txt" parameters into the user interface, but I don't know how high up that is in their lengthy priorities list.


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