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Old 10-03-2016, 03:16 PM
Michael Pitzrick Michael Pitzrick is offline
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Default Raven Lite 2.0 now available

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Bioacoustics Research Program are pleased to announce Raven Lite 2.0. You can order your free license from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology E-Store. Many thanks to Lisa Yang, Sylvia Gallagher, and the other generous donors who made this possible!

  • Sound view window
    • No limit on sound length
    • Paged sound windows
    • Multi-channel sound views
    • Waveform, spectrogram, spectrogram slice and selection spectrum views
    • Real date and time display
  • Selection tables - multiple selections for
    • zoom
    • playback
    • annotation
    • “Average Power Density (dB FS)” measurement
    • export to sound clips
  • Customization
    • User-defined presets for sound windows, recorders, and color schemes
    • Raven Preferences
  • Recorder
    • No limit on recording time
    • Reads multi-channel audio into memory, single files, or file sequences
    • Multiple sample rates
    • Decimation of audio samples
    • Delayed recording
    • File naming templates
  • Playback
    • Scrolling playback
    • Reverse playback
    • Looping playback
  • Filters
    • Bandpass and bandstop
    • Adaptive
    • Amplify
    • Fade in and fade out
  • Memory Manager
    • user can set Raven Lite to use more memory for longer sound views and higher sample rates

For more details, see Feature Comparison of Raven Lite and Raven Pro.

Order your free license now!


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