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Old 08-11-2006, 02:42 PM
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Default Exporting samples to text files - important info regarding output!

After exporting a file to either a Tab-delimited .txt or a Comma-separated Value .csv file, the results can be opened in many different applications including Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or Matlab.

However, some applications are limited in the number of values that can be loaded and/or displayed (the limit in Excel, for instance, is 256 values in the x direction, and 65536 values in the y direction.) The number of pixel values that make up a spectrogram view is generally extremely large, and may not be displayable completely within some applications. However, spectrogram slice views and selection spectrum views do not contain as many values as spectrogram views. See Appendix H in the Raven Manual, "A Biologist's Introduction to Spectrum Analysis," for more information about spectrogram computation.

Waveform views, spectrogram slice views, selection spectrum views, and correlation views contain 2-dimensional sample data. That is, exported samples represent power values at specific times (waveform views), units at specific times (correlation views), or amplitudes at specific frequencies (spectrogram slice views and selection spectrum views.)

Spectrogram and beamogram views contain multi-dimensional samples: exported samples represent power values at specific times and frequencies (spectrogram views) or power values at specific times and bearings (beamogram views.)

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