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Old 10-23-2007, 02:15 PM
tim tim is offline
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Default Why don't I see all of my selections when I draw a new selection?

In the past, when a user would create a selection or modify a selection using the mouse to drag a selection control point, all of the other selections would remain on the screen. With each move of the mouse, Raven would redraw all of the selections. In Raven Pro 1.3 build 22, we have changed the default behavior so that when a user modifies a selection with the mouse, only that selection is drawn. No other selections for that sound window are drawn. This allows the user to see the single selection better, and it speeds up the process of drawing selections. Some users have complained that when creating selections, Raven starts to slow down if there are many selections. This is a solution to that problem.

For those users who want to go back to the old way, where selections are always drawn on the screen, add this line to RavenPreferences.txt:

raven.ui.selections.drawOnlyActiveWhileModifyingWi thMouse=false

(note that there are no blanks in the previous line, but the forum tool seems to have inserted one in the word With).

If you run into a situation where the selections are in the table but do not appear on the screen, look at the side panel and try turning on and off some of the component visibilities, like selection borders or control points.

- Tim

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