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Old 08-08-2013, 10:18 AM
tim tim is offline
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Default Questions about harmonics

For those of you who are studying harmonics, I have some comments and questions:

(1) For harmonics that don't have a lot of frequency modulation, it's fairly easy to enclose each harmonic in its own selection rectangle. If you have a lot of frequency modulation, then you might not be able to enclose each harmonic in its own selection rectangle. With a single rectangle, you might not be able to get all of a single harmonic without excluding energy from other harmonics. This is the case in the panda recording that Ann had. The blue whale recording would be easier to draw selections on.

(2) If we could create N harmonic selections by just creating a single selection and then having Raven create the other N-1 selections, this would improve the situation.

(3) Are there any measurements that can be made across the entire set of harmonics to show relationships between harmonics, or would you measure them all separately? We have a notion of selection groups, where all harmonics in a stack could be individual selections within a group, then there could be measurements introduced that operate on the entire group, not just the individual harmonics. One might be "which harmonic has the most energy?"

(4) Are rectangles the best type of selection, or would connected point selections be better? Would you want to trace the peak frequency or grab an area with a lasso? We have not looked into these types of selections in the past.

I will try to think of other questions, but I'm trying to listen to the lecture as well.


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Old 06-01-2016, 04:32 AM
ChrisP ChrisP is offline
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Default Re: Questions about harmonics

Hi Tim,

I really like your point 3), the idea of selection groups and within-group measurements. Is this something that is under development and might appear in Raven 2?

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